To what extent does violence on television has an impact on children? What do we know about the impact of television violence on children’s attitudes, behaviour, and values? What are the possibilities that our children will be more aggressive in adulthood if they are exposed in early childhood to television violence?

The Dissertation is an extended piece of writing, which responds to research. The Dissertation forms a
significant element of BA (Hons.) and BSc (Hons) degrees across the UK, and will cultivate your ability to
independently work, think, process, argue and coherently bring together findings. It also gives you the
opportunity to explore a part of, and ask critical questions about, your practice / industry. Ultimately, the
Dissertation will support you as a practitioner or professional in your field. Following a period of independent
research, this unit marks the final stage of the dissertation process. It involves reviewing the research strategy,
analysing the findings, synthesising research, developing a coherent, structured argument and drawing
conclusions. You will present the results of your study in the form of one of the following formats, structured as
per the Dissertation Handbook (available on Aula):
● A rhetorical academic text (6000-7000 words)
This option is the standard format dissertation that should comprise extensive research and critical analysis of
your chosen topic, along with associated theoretical and philosophical underpinning. This is a written text of
6,000-7,000 words, which should be appropriately referenced, formally written and include images. The text
may be heavily illustrated and may be designed in a creative way, but the order and structure must be clear. All
research sources must be referenced within the text where appropriate using the Harvard System of referencing.
You need to submit (using 11 or 12pt type and 1.5 or double line spacing):

  • a contents page
  • 1-2 chapters, as complete as possible.
    Also outline in bullet points/short sentences what the other chapters will contain/argue/be about.
  • a bibliography (using the Harvard System of referencing)
  • Plus a progress map to date (beginning with the start of the Diss Prep)

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