the Sustainable development goals (SDG)

As we grew up, we’ve learned from our families and also society that having a well-paid job is enough to provide comfort and security, and no further education is needed. I used to think that way, but soon enough I changed my views. In the first years of my career, there were so much to learn from my colleagues, and I lost track of time. After spending more than 10 years, I knew that I reached a dead end and something must be done.
I tried signing up for training courses, and unfortunately, because of the practicality of my speciality, it was hard to find one in the same city and they weren’t available all the time. But luckily, I had the opportunity to enrol in a 2-week training course in Vienna which opened the door for me and made me decide to complete my education.
I believe that any kind of personal or job development; be it completing someone’s higher education or joining training courses related to their job, is required to take us to the next level.
Wicked problem:

I see that short-term courses in general are a great way to learn and improve in a certain area, and more convenient. Even though the practical ones are a bit hard to find because of their rare availability, but the theoretical ones are almost available every month. One of the reasons that would be an obstacle for some people is the distance. Most people (especially those with family) find it difficult to work for 8 hours, then spending 2 hours commuting from the course to home, almost spending all day out.
But due to COVID-19, this problem is solved. Most of courses are now held online, and we can attend one in the comfort of our own home. So, this is a golden opportunity for all of us to improve our abilities, skills and of course our life.

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