The American South’s Proud Oppression

Discuss Concepts of (US) Southern Identity: As a region of racial oppression, slow economic expansion with
heavy reliance on free/ cheap labor and agriculture.
Discuss use of religion to condone slavery.
Discuss the legal/laws (laws, court cases, etc.. ) that permitted racial oppression an inequality.
Discuss the and ideology/ and development of white supremacy and why the South continues to be proud to
cling to this negative identity.
What makes the South distinctive from the other parts of the Nation?
Are Southern issues of inequality, “American” issues?
You can use other references but please PLEASE INCLUDE REFERENCES FROM THE FOLLOWING

  1. Generations of Captivity – by Ira Berlin
  2. Away Down South – by James Cobb
  3. The Resilience of Southern Identity – by Christopher
    Cooper & Gibbs Knotts
  4. The RIght to Ride – by Blair Kelley

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