Quantitative Analysis

Here is a guide to the format.
1.0. What is the purpose of the survey? What are you attempting to discover? Hint – it is to assess the viability of
a new business. Hint – it is not to play with a variety of statistical techniques to demonstrate you can perform
2.0. What are the main findings? How many people overall are interested? How many people in each condition
are interested? How, if at all, does price influence interest? How are interested people different from people who
are not interested?
3.0. What else relates to interest in the new service? Possibly nothing, possibly something. Other factors may be
interesting, but they are not as important as the main measure. Correlating other factors to one another is OK,
providing you have a good reason for doing it.
1.0. If you do calculations, show them. Be neat and organized.
2.0. Make sure you can back up any claims you make.
3.0. Assume you are writing for a stranger. This means be very clear, be succinct, get to the point, be convincing.
Assume the stranger will severely criticize your work, so be careful

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