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Words count: 2 papers, 650 words each = Total: around 1300 (max 1100)
Order details:
Task Objective:
Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the role of operations strategy and
contemporary topics in successful business operations.
Task Description:
Topics to be discussed are:

  • Sustainability,
  • Ethical Conduct.
    Your task is to critique each topic and to assess its role, relationship and evolution in
    current and future operations strategies.
    It is advisable that in completing this exercise you should first review the following
    items, followed by your own independent reading around the topic area. The first two
    artefacts put operations strategy into context. The third shows the historical context of
    operations management and operations strategy. The fourth, is a very useful textbook
    relating to operation strategy.
  1. Tim Laster paper; please refer to the attached file.
  2. Nigel Slack YouTube video
    ( ), where he shares
    his views on the topic.
  3. Niall Piercy; please refer to the attached file.
  4. Slack, N. and Lewis, M.: 2019, Operations Strategy, 6th, Pearson.

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