Examine the Meaning and Importance of Diversity in the Classroom

As a teacher leader or school administrator, you may be responsible for mentoring new teachers who join the
staff. Helping these new teachers understand the school climate and the composition of your student body will
prepare these teachers for some of the unique challenges that may exist in your school culture. For this task, you
will create an informational, multi-page handout or brochure for a group of new teachers in your school.
Begin by providing a brief introduction or overview of what diversity in the classroom means in your
community and your school setting. Does your school have a mission statement addressing diversity? If so,
include it in your introduction. If not, develop one for this assignment. Reflect on the importance of establishing
a school and classroom climate that honors diversity and supports the success of all students. (1-2 paragraphs,
including the mission statement)
Next, you will create an alphabetical diversity dictionary relevant to your school community. As this is an
informational handout and not an APA paper, you may include pictures or graphics to enhance the document.
You will define and describe in detail five different groups of students, associated challenges, and suggestions
for curriculum modification or classroom intervention that teachers must be prepared to make. The point of this
assignment is to develop a working document you can add to over time and use as an educational tool in your
own school community. You may choose from the following groups or identify other groups relevant to your
school community: 1) English language learners (ELLs); 2) students of various races, cultures, ethnicities; 3)
gender, sexual orientation; 4) socioeconomic status; 5) varying physical abilities; 6) cognitive levels of
functioning; 7) religious beliefs; 8) other groups relevant to your community (ask your instructor if you are
Group: Name, general description including characteristics
One issue associated with educating this specific group in a diversified classroom
One example of an appropriate curricular modification
1-2 supplemental resources (books, articles, websites, etc.)
Length: 5-6 pages, not including title and reference pages
References: a minimum of 5 resources

Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by
providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly
academic writing, current APA standards,

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