critique Article 2

  1. Critique, Parts II. The research article to be critiqued will be supplied by the instructor. All students critique the same article, which is used for both Part I and Part II. Each part II contributes 20% to the course grade.
    A) Prepare a written critique of the assigned article. The critique is to be written according to the criteria for content; each part should be submitted by the due date.
    B) Address each group of items on the checklist by writing a succinct summative evaluation of that component of the research article, using the textbook, the lectures and two other references (Methods Articles) throughout the document. Identify the strengths and weakness using the references, and the APA Style Manual (2010), as resources to support your opinion.

C) Use the standards of good writing (e.g., see Lunney, 2007), and the APA
Style. Evidence of the APA Publication Manual guidelines/style will impact the all areas of the
written assignment.

Please use the three documents to answer the questions. Number 3 document is use to answer the questions and write out the answeiqur. Then it is written APA format.

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