Cookbook Analysis

This page is where you will submit your analysis of your cookbook and the class discussion. You are encourage
to begin this assignment early to prepare you to participate in the class discussion. However, since you cannot
complete the assignment until the class discussion is complete, submissions will not be accepted before
Wednesday, December 2.
Here are some questions to help you think of ways to connect your cookbook to course themes*:
Does the author convey any views or expectations about femininity or women’s roles or masculinity and men’s
If the book is talking about a cuisine associated with an ethnic group, what does it convey about the value and
strategies for assimilation or maintaining authenticity?
What ingredients, forms of measurement, technology, utensils, techniques, etc. are called for in the recipes?
What might they tell us about the assumed cooking ability and class status of the intended reader?
Is the perspective of a particular cultural group given greater authority? If so, why and what does this reveal
about power and how it operates?
Does the cookbook include any health advice? If so, what is the basis of this advice?
*Simply saying that your cookbook connects to the course theme of national identity or ethnicity because the
cookbook only includes recipes from one country or one ethnic group is a weak course connection and will be
graded accordingly. Please attempt to make deeper connections to course material

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