Using the arena model Analyse the ‘conflict around neonicotinoid based pesticides’ from the perspective of an agrochemical company – possible choices BASF, Bayer, Syngenta. (I want mine to be based on Syngenta)

Potential conflicts : two arenas around neonic pesticides and land use or neonic pesticides and renewable energy
/ biomass production.
1,500 words academics essay
Coursework Specification Guidance

  1. Familiarise yourself with the materials around ‘The Business of Bees’ and the arena model. The focus should
    be on the critical analysis, i.e. make sure you understand why the arena model was used in the paper for
    stakeholder conflicts, what the model is designed to achieve and how it can address the stakeholder conflict
    around pesticides and bee decline.
    You should look for material published by the different stakeholders that make up the arena.
  2. Identify the arena(s) in which the conflict takes place. This includes identifying the stakeholders and their
    motivations and interests.
    You should look for academic, industry or NGO sources that discuss the conflicts as well as the interests and
  3. Identify a company in the agrochemical industry that is involved in the conflict. In the process you should
    analyse company materials, as well as additional materials targeted at the company written by other
    stakeholders, e.g. NGOs or investors.
    You should look for academic, industry or NGO sources that discuss the role of the agrochemical company of
    your choosing.
  4. Based on the previous steps you should now create conflict arenas from the perspective of your chosen
    company, that will enable the company to manage its stakeholder conflicts. For your analysis pick two arenas
    that you determine as most relevant to the company.
    You should look into the two papers on your reading list for week 3 – regarding the Ash vs. BAT conflict and the
    Salmon farming conflict. The arena approach is applied to stakeholder management in these two papers. Use this
    as the basis for your modelling.
  5. Presentation of your case study. You should present your case study in a clear and coherent way. Your case
    should include an explanation of the issue at hand, a justification of why the company chosen is relevant, an
    analysis of the company’s stakeholder conflict arenas – focus on the two arenas that you picked in (4).
    The first two additional materials linked below are an example of an arena model which should be used as a
    basis for the essay. The key part of the paper that is relevant for us is the arena model.
    In the paper they are using BAT’s accounting information to gain the information in order to be able to create the
    arenas and track the conflict

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