The impact of Palestinian internal division on the humanitarian situation in Gaza (from 2007 to 2020.)

The research proposal consists of 2,000 words (annexes and bibliography are not part of the word count) and
aims at demonstrating your ability to:
• Develop a clear argument which builds on personal and professional experiences;
• Apply critical analytical skills and develop rigorous academic argumentations;
• Make reference to key concepts, notions and theories presented in the module;
• Use a multidisciplinary approach to your work;
Refer to at least 10 key readings. The research proposal should be submitted directly online, through
Moodle/Turnitin. Please bear in mind that we are strict on the word count. You are allowed a 10% variation (so
the essay can be up to 2,200 words).
Presenting coursework for assessment:
Your assignment must be presented in the following format:
❑ It must be word-processed in 12-point Arial font and double-spaced
❑ It must be black text on a white or ivory background
❑ All pages must be numbered
❑ Margins must be as follows: Top: 1 inch, Bottom: 1 inch (2.5 cm), Left: 1.25 inches, Right: 1.25 inches (3.2
❑ It should not contain your name(s)
Assignment length:
The length of the individual essay is 2000 words.
The specified word counts refer to the main body of the report and does not include front cover, title page,
contents page, executive summary, reference list, bibliography or appendices. The word count does include
headings, tables and in-text citations, but not equations or diagrams. Appendices themselves will not be marked.
However, inappropriate use of appendices will be taken into consideration when awarding the final mark.
The essay will be submitted through Turnitin. Turnitin is a web-based tool that supports the development of
good academic practice when preparing written work for assessment. This text-matching tool allows academic

staff to check assignments for improper use of sources or potential plagiarism by comparing it against
continuously up-dated databases (including web-pages and other student work).
Research proposal
The key elements that a research proposal shall include are:
• Introduction: the background information for the research reported is…
• Topic: this project will study…
• Question/problem: to find out…
• Significance: so that more will be known about…
• Literature review: so you present what is known already ie the research literature in fields related to your
• Methods: the research will be conducted as follows…
• Justification: the method is most appropriate because…
• Limitations: there are some matters that this methodology may not help me to explain. These might include…
• Preliminary conclusions or envisaged conclusion
• List of References
• Appendix

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