Sexual Objectification and Gender Inequality

In this essay, you should quote directly from at least two of the course readings in ways that provide evidence to support your claims. Be sure to use quotation marks when quoting, and reference the work by author name and page number of the quoted text. Here is an example:

“In particular, I delineate a pattern of concerted cultivation in middle-class families and a pattern of accomplishment of natural growth in working-class and poor families” (Lareau, p. 32).

Use the research of Naomi Wolf and C. J. Pascoe to explain how women are socialized to be objectified as well as how our social structure maintains gender inequality. Be sure to include the following in your answer:
A. Define objectification, and explain how it is a type of dehumanization.
B. Give 1 example from class of a specific form of popular media (a TV ad, amagazine ad, etc.) that objectifies women, and explain how this message contributes to gender inequality.
C. Name 1 health consequence of objectification for women, and explain how the social process of objectification can affect individuals’ physical health.
D. Explain how cultural myths like the Beauty Myth affect people’s behavior despite the fact that they are falsehoods.
E. Finally, state whether or not you believe that overall gender inequality is improving or worsening in the United States, and explain why. Be sure to include concepts from class in your answer.

—–I have uploaded some materials that you need to use in the essay.

  1. Wolf and Pascoe are resources that you need to directly quote in the essay. (You should NOT use other outside resources). After reading the Pascoe chapter, you should also watch the chapter by Pascoe: That’s providing better understanding for the reading.
  2. Take-Away Points Topic 2 Week 12 is the concepts and study guide of the lectures from the professor.
  3. The Class Notes are the notes I take from the class lectures including concepts, definitions and examples that might give you a better understanding of the concept. You can use the blue words directly to the paper if you want.

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