Select, read, research and critically analyse a cover story of The Harvard Business Review (The Magazine):

The marking criteria, break down of marks and the learning outcomes associated with this 4000 words assessment are provided below in the table:

  1. Introduction:
    Please provide a clear and concise introduction of the selected cover story.
    Please clearly justify the relevance of the theme.


  1. Research and synthesis of various literature:
    Please use various academic and non-academic sources to engage with the issues underpinning the selected cover story.
    Please identify and delineate: (a) the key arguments / debates / on the issues relating to the cover story; (b) the key actors / players and their role and contribution; and (c) the social structure / structural arrangement(s) underpinning the issues


  1. Analysis:
    Please critically analyse the issues underpinning the cover story using insights from institutional theory and / or other theoretical perspectives or themes, covered in the lectures and seminars.
    Please highlight and critique the possible implications on the global geo-political economy; and or national socio-political economy; and or business (and / or non-business) organisations. 35%


  1. Conclusion:
    Please provide a clear and logical conclusion bringing together the issues you explored and analysed.
    Please summarise they key points of your analysis in the process. 15%



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