Leadership, Change & Governance


This is built around giving a presentation in which you are required to apply two areas of theory covered in Weeks 1 to 6, in the following stages:

  1. Weeks 1 to 6: Choose theory and context(s) (theory from weeks 1 to 6, context (company / leader) from anywhere)
  2. (No need) Formative submission (Week 7): Written summary of content to cover application of theory and content (UNGRADED). Developmental feedback provided.
  3. Summative submission (Week 9): Written summary (25% OF COMPONENT MARK). Developmental feedback provided on Professionalism, Application of Theory and Content.
  4. Summative submission (Week 9): Draft videoed presentation recorded in your own time (25% OF COMPONENT MARK). Developmental feedback provided on Professionalism only.
  5. Summative submission (Week 11 or 12): Live final presentation via Collaborate (50% OF COMPONENT MARK). Marking of Professionalism, Application of Theory and Content.
  6. Optional Submission: Optional Reflective Statement, post-presentation to indicate how you might improve.


The key marking criteria are:
• Professionalism
• Application of Theory
• Content

Please see the Assessment 1 Brief and Supplementary Guidance for more deta

Wk w.b. Theme Main theoretical content
– Behavioural approach to leadership (Blake and Mouton)

  • Trait approach to leadership (The Big 5)
  • Contingency approach to leadership (Tannenbaum and Schmidt)
    Oct 5 GOVERNANCE – Key roles of the Board of Directors
  • Structure of the Board of Directors
  • Composition of the Board of Directors, structure, committees 3 Oct 12 CHANGE
    • Lewin’s Force Field Analysis
  • Kurt Lewin: 3-step model of change
  • Kotter’s stages in a change process (2014)
  • Yukl et al Influence Tactics 4 Oct 19 LEADERSHIP
    • Mintzberg’s Managerial Roles (2001)
  • Hughes (2014): leadership incompetence
  • Dixon (1976): military incompetence
  • Gregory (2018) on absentee leadership
  • Hunter et al (2010) on leader error
    Oct 26 GOVERNANCE – Influences on the Remuneration decisions
  • CIPD 2020 executive pay framework
  • Remuneration Committee
  • High pay, gender (board membership etc), gender (pay gap), ethnic minorities pay gap, disability pay gap. 6 Nov 2 CHANGE
    • Gales of creative Destruction
  • Punctuated Equilibrium
  • The Agile company
  • Change competencies
  • Worley and Mohrman (2015)
  • Quinn 8 Leadership Styles

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