Global Cultures/Identities Essay Exam

This is a final take home essay exam, the requirement is choosing 4 topics out of a total of 6 and write at least one full page in length for each topic, so 4 short essays in total, approximately a page and a half for each topic chosen, 12pt font, double spaced, not so formal but some topics require to refer to specific readings taught in class, no bibliography needed, you can quote the readings and just mention the name of the author. I will attach the important readings brought up in the questions, the list of readings for each week is in the syllabus. Be sure to answer the question raised in each option you chose to write. Some background knowledge of me: I’m a Chinese international student who spent high school and college in the States and before that, I was in China, so not an American, that’s important to note in using personal examples. Be consistent in the narratives and stuff so that it doesn’t look like 4 different ppl are writiiqung for 4 different options.

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