Food Borne Illness and Your Community

A recent foodborne illness has been discovered within your community, and there is uncertainty where
the outbreak has originated. As a public health official located within your community, you have been
asked to address the city council, community stakeholders, and political stakeholders regarding this
serious outbreak. In addition to a five (5) page paper, you are to develop a 10-slide PPT presentation in
order to demonstrate the following initiatives that you feel would be beneficial in discovering where the
outbreak source may have originated:

  1. Identification of as many cases as possible, and location.
  2. Hypothesis of where the outbreak may have originated based on any interviews you have done.
  3. Describe the type of epidemiological analysis that you would have to complete in order to
    demonstrate research is being completed:
    A. People, time, and location
    B. Variables that are creating an impact
    C. Nonaffected communities and persons who are not involved with the impact of the
    D. Those who are impacted by the illness outbreak, listing the food items that are involved,
    or products that are involved
    E. Demonstrate the signs and symptoms of the outbreak
    F. Map the cases and their locations where the main occurrences have been
    G. Demonstrate how you would collect samples, provide diagnosis, and how you would
    provide corrective actions regarding the outbreak of this foodborne illness

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