Digital Writing Project Parameters

Digital Writing Project Parameters
Type of Project
You may propose any type of Digital Writing Project you like. Occasionally proposals do not get approved, but for the most part, that’s a rare occurrence. Your Digital Writing Project may be:
• one that will be used for real (for example, you could create a website for a club to which you belong, or a project for a nonprofit that interests you and may need assistance)
• a project for a fictional audience (for example, you could write the manual for a video game you might want to create or you might create a new web site for a fictional business)
• something you do for fun (you might want to create a guide to a movie, game, or book series you enjoy, or a podcast and accompanying material on a topic that interests you)
A few more ideas:
• a video project and script about a topic that matters to you
• a website or blog about a place you know well or one of your interests
• a document for any place where you work or volunteer (for example: work, a club, a fraternity or sorority, or a nonprofit where you volunteer)
No matter what you select, your Digital Writing Project should definitely:
• Be something you have a strong interest in writing
• Involve a fair amount of writing (equivalent 8+ pages)
• Let you make use of some graphics and other design elements
• Be worth your time (if the project feels like a waste of time, you’ve proposed the wrong project!)
• Belong to you, not to your instructor (do a project that matters to you; that way, you’ll do a much better job on it)
Digital Writing Projects that students have created include:
• Travel guidebooks

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