Develop a comprehensive security plan that does the following:

See this Web Site: and read the Geoff Keston
article titled “Developing A Security Communications Plan”.
According to Keston (2013), “A mark of a mature security communications program is the shift away from onetime messages, such as ad hoc emails. Such messages are easily forgotten and are often hard to find after a few

A good security communications plan will include sending updates and alerts as well as maintaining a
repository of documentation. Creating such a repository (or a consolidated document) makes information easier
to find, and it helps to link together disparate elements into a unified plan.”
For the purpose of this assignment, you are tasked as the Cybersecurity Director to prepare a Security

Communications Plan for execution at the program level. You are to develop a security communications plan for
your organization that addresses the handling of all communications related to security. Follow the requirements

4 – 6 Pages in length in APA format (not including a cover page and reference section)
Cover Page
Develop a comprehensive security plan that does the following:
Identify archiving procedures
Establish approval processes for sending communications
Describe legal and regulatory requirements
Define key terms
Define severity levels and message types
Using the definitions of severity levels and message types, diagram who receives messages and through what
means they receive them (e.g., text messages)
The plan will address the concerns of many constituents, including executives, IT staff members, and end users,
as well as customers and partners. Each group has somewhat different needs, so it is helpful to structure a plan to
protect sensitive information from the entire group and to make targeted information easy for its audience to

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