Criminal Justice Theories

Discuss the following three theories:
1-Social Bonding Theory
2- Social Control theory
3- Social Strain Theories
Create a PowerPoint presentation containing 15 slides effectively communicating your understanding of these
Use the speaker’s notes section within the PowerPoint slides to provide all the information relevant to each slide.
Each slide must have no more than 4–5 bullets and each bullet point must have no more than 4–6 words. Use
graphics liberally throughout the presentation, but ensure that they are appropriate for the content provided.
Make sure your presentation contains the identified slide headings that address the critical elements aligned with
the grading criteria:
Title.- 1 page
Purpose: Include the reasons for the presentation -Must be 2 slides.
Strategic and tactical approaches in criminal justice leadership and administration: Discuss how each theory is
used in the application of strategic and tactical approaches in criminal justice leadership and administration.
Must be 3 slides
Internal Organizational Challenges: Describe how each theory addresses internal organizational challenges in the
criminal justice system Must be 3 slides.
External political and social pressures: Show how each theory addresses external political and social pressures
while maintaining organizational and functional effectiveness Must be 3 slides.
Policies and Practices: Explain how each theory focuses on policies and practices that address conduct
accountability for criminal justice personnel Must be 3 slides.
Organizational Objectives: Show how each theory proposes innovative approaches to advance organizational
References: Use a minimum of 10 sources and current APA style and formatting, paying particular attention to
citations and references.

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