Consultancy Assessment

Individual Project – Free Consultancy
In this exercise you would be required to provide free consultancy. You would need to start this project early, as there is an implementation component to it.

  1. Identify a business that you feel has potential but lacks managerial capacity to achieve growth.
  2. Undertake an assessment of the business using the business model canvas: in 12 – 15 slides.
  3. Drawing on the canvas, develop a strategic growth plan for the business and present it to the key decision-makers of the business. It should have immediate, short and medium/long term action steps. (4 – 5 slides)
  4. After one month of you presenting your action steps, visit the business and document what has been done with respect to your recommendations.
  5. Provide an assessment (with explanation) of the gap between what you expected and what actually happened.

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