complete a FIVE to SEVEN-page analysis of some contemporary issue in International Political Economy

Each student will complete a FIVE to SEVEN-page analysis of some contemporary issue in International
Political Economy – IPE (e.g. NAFTA, trade and the WTO, trade and the environment, the EMU, the role of the
IMF and the World Bank in less developed countries, the nascent anti-globalization backlash, etc.). Students will
need to do original research on their particular topic, but all papers will be required to also:
(1) apply insight from IPE theory and
(2) place their topic in historical perspective.

  1. Analyze a contemporary issue in international political
    a. Contemporary: last 30 years or so
    b. Issue must be analytical, not normative
    (i) Analytical: why a policy was adopted;
    consequences of a policy, such as a trade
    agreement; evaluation of international financial
    institutions, codes of conduct, or fair trade;
    causes of land grabs; politics of tax havens….
    (ii) Normative: what should be done? This is not the
    purpose of this assignment.
    c. Paper must use International Political Economy
    (IPE) theory to analyze/explain the issue.
    d. Some suggestions for picking a topic.
  2. Structure of Paper.
    a. Intro – clearly defined thesis statement (no more
    than 1 page)
    b. History – most important junctures to situate the
    issue and give relevant background (1-2 pages)
    c. Theory and Analysis: which theories best apply and
    why? (2-3 pages)
    (i) Competing hypotheses: how would the relevant
    theories explain the issue and which
    explanation is more persuasive and why.

    d. Conclusion- restate main argument. Implication for
    theory and future research/policy (1 page)
  3. Other Information:
    a. 5-7 pages (quality not quantity), double-spaced,
    with page numbers on the pages
    b. MLA citation style
    c. MLA citation style
    d. Sources: newspapers (at least one newspaper),
    periodicals (at least one), newsweeklies (at least
    one), academic journals (as many as you need to).
    Use the library’s academic databases – Use many
    as you think necessary but I think at least 10
    sources would be fine from these 10 sources two of
    them should be from the two text books Cohn’s text
    and Broad’s text.
    I attached my course schedule so you may
    find sources that you want to add in the pape

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