1. Design a piece of language material on a topic of your choice for classroom use with a group of learners in your own context.

1. Design a piece of language material on a topic of your choice for classroom use with a group of learners in your own context. The material may either be original or adapted from a coursebook, and it should be sufficient for 90 minutes of class time.

 2. Define the language area you have chosen with reference to language analysis and language awareness principles, and explain why this focus area is appropriate for your chosen learner group. It is in this part of the assignment that you should show evidence of your background reading in the field of language awareness and language analysis.

 3. Teach the material and make notes on your learners’ responses to it.

4. Conclude your assignment with a short piece of reflective writing on your experience of preparing and teaching the material, incorporating and commenting on any feedback data from your learners or colleague. 3000 words (or equivalent)

Guidelines ·

Please acknowledge any source you use for your material and include it in your references.

 · You may find it helpful to have a colleague observe your classes and to give you feedback.

 · You may also find it helpful to prepare a questionnaire for your learners or to gather written feedback from them in any other suitable form.

 · The material itself is the key component of your assignment and should be discussed and justified fully within the main body of your assignment. You may also wish to include any substantive feedback data in your appendix and to refer to it in the body of your writing.

· Please include a classroom-ready version of your material in an appendix of your assignment.

NB: The focus of this assignment is about your language awareness and your learners’ responses to your material, not about your lesson planning or your teaching methodology. While some reference to your teaching is necessary, be sure to keep the piece of language material and discussion of language at the forefront of your assignment.

Assessment-specific criteria Criteria Weighting (%)

The extent to which the: assignment demonstrates evidence of critical thinking about language, clear understanding of the chosen language topic and related teaching/learning implications; associated with this, evidence of reflection on learning is demonstrated through the assignment 35

assignment demonstrates evidence of relevant and critical background reading 20

 assignment is clearly presented and well-staged materials are produced which should be ready to pick up and be used by a teacher (if necessary with teacher’s notes) 30

writing is coherent 15

Referencing You must reference all sources used in your assignments. Please use the Harvard system for your bibliography (quoting exact page numbers beside your quotations).

Please ensure that all your assessed work:

 · is fully Harvard referenced, and has a full bibliography

· has page numbers

· has your name printed at the top of each page

 · is 1.5 or double line-spaced

· has been proofread & spell-checked and checked for punctuation (watch out for apostrophes!), paragraphs, line spaces, etc.

· has a clear introduction and conclusion

· has a front sheet giving your name, the name of your tutor/supervisor, the module title and assignment title, the submission date, the word count (excluding your bibliography and appendices) and this signed statement: I declare that this assignment is entirely my own work and that all quotations from other sources have been properly identified and correctly referenced. A template for the front sheet is included in each module handbook.

Indicative Bibliography

Views of language Andrews, S. (2007) Teacher Language Awareness Cambridge: Cambridge University Press E-book *Arndt, V, Harvey, P. and Nuttall, J. (2000) Alive to Language Cambridge: Cambridge University Press E-book Bolitho, R. and. Tomlinson, B. (1995) Discover English (2nd Edition) Oxford: Macmillan E-book Thornbury, S. (2005) Uncovering Grammar Oxford: Macmillan Print book available from Amazon or similar

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