What is the Healthy People 2020 Initiative: older adults

Topic: What is the Healthy People 2020 Initiative? Describe 2 of the Healthy People 2020 objectives targeted at
the older adult population and what the progress was made in meeting those objectives.
For this assignment, you will be writing a short essay on an assigned topic related to older adult healthcare.
Below are the rosters with the topics that have been assigned to students in that group. These essays should be
between 500 – 750 words and should contain at least 2 appropriate APA citations and references, appropriate in
this case meaning they fit the topic of the essay and are within the past 5 years. A rubric for expectations and
how grading will be determined is provided in a document below. Please contact me or your assigned clinical
instructor with any questions. There will be a drop box in this module. This assignment will be worth 2% of
your total grade

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