To what extent can the objectives of environmental sustainability and energy security conflict or complement each other? Discuss your answer with reference to examples drawn from a country of your choice

What is environmental sustainability? This has to be explained. Should it be simply conflated with climate
change objectives. Energy security needs also to be explained. In theory energy security and environmental
sustainability ought to be close relations. After all energy security might encourage saving energy, discouraging
excessive energy consumption likely to evince energy imports. Yet energy security is capable of various
interpretations. Some of these could be even the protection of energy exports in the case of oil exporting
Energy security may be associated with ‘hierarchical’ cultural biases, which may even in some senses make it
antagonistic to environmental causes. In any event, energy security is liable to being ‘conscripted’ by key energy
groups as a discourse to favour their interests. On the other hand sometimes this may go hand-in hand with
environmental objectives.
Selected references that the Professor expect us to use:
Ciuta, F., (2010) Conceptual Notes on Energy Security: Total or Banal Security?,Security Dialogue Vol 41: 123-
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Pages 415–421
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and conclusions’.Environmental Politics, vol 22, no. 4, pp. 537-552.
The essay must not exceed more than 3000 words and this includes the bibliography.
Attached are notes for the essay, a definition of environmental sustainability that needs to be shortened, the
lecture presentation and some notes. I can also send you all the papers I’ve read. I think this will be useful

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