Strategic issues in financial management

Topic: To provide an analysis of the insurance company AXA based upon it’s revenue, business line, geography
and then rank the main strategic issues facing AXA
20 marks: Provide a summary of revenues or profits by business line and geography. This should involve graphs
comparing 3-5 year of business profits/revenues of AXA. You must explain why profits have either increased or
decreased and try to show the main strategy of AXA.
70 Marks: Rank main strategic issues facing AXA. Use PESTEL, SWOT, Porters 5 forces etc to analyse the
market and then rank the strategic issues facing AXA. (Please provide these in appendices). When writing please
try to gather from multiple sources to beef up the essay.
10 marks: Overall Presentation of the assignment. This is something I can focus on upon completion of the

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