Sexism in the Workplace

Create a 7-10 slide PowerPoint presentation on your paper topic. In business and academic settings,
presentations are often accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation to provide context and information to the
audience. As outlined in the above materials, presentations should be limited to 10 slides or less, easy to read
with font size at least 30pt, and attractive with vibrant images, charts, and/or graphs. Primary colors work best
for slide design — pastel colors are hard to read and cause audience fatigue.
For a successful presentation, limit the number of words and bullet points on slides. Images tell a more engaging
story and force the presenter to know their material. Your paper already outlined the rich detail, the presentation
is more for audience entertainment and engagement. Slide transition is not as important as the overall
The PowerPoint is for ONLINE VIEWING ONLY. Graphics should be easy to view, attractive, and relevant.
Presentations must include a final slide with references.

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