Proposed Changes to the US Healthcare System

Policy Analysis (2 pages):
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the policy federal policy designed to address the social problem?
In what ways does the policy meet the established goals(s)?
In what ways does the policy not meet the established goal(s)?
Policy Recommendations:
What policy issue(s) need to be addressed?
What three recommendations would you make to strengthen or improve the policy, and why?
Monitor Implementation and Progress
What systems will you need to put in place to monitor the implementation and ongoing progress of your policy proposal?

Advocacy Strategies (2 pages):
Briefly describe a plan of how you would implement each of the following advocacy strategies to gain external community support.
Coalition Building
Forming Interest Groups
What barriers can you anticipate, or are you likely to confront, with respect to the following advocacy strategies.

This paper is focused on the issues with medicaid and proposed medicare for all as an alternative policy. I have attached some notes and sources and other pariquts of the paper for reference

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