Organizational Discord: NYPD Conflict in Modern Policing

Identified Conflict
Modern policing is data-driven and result oriented in Compare Statistics (CompStat). CompStat was developed
by the New York City Police Department (NYPD) during the 1990s as an innovative management tool for
allocating resources towards crime reduction. CompStat came with several problems rooted in Stop Question,
and Frisk (SQF) propelled by quotas that disproportionately targeted minority communities and culminated in
extrajudicial punishment incidents.
CompStat became the focal point of dissension between leadership and the rank and file members of the NYPD.
DeBenedetto (2017) suggested that senior executives’ execution of CompStat created a competitive atmosphere
between middle managers, simultaneously molding stars, and ruining professional reputations. These cumulative
effects created a significant rift between minority communities and the police, culminating in the present
dysfunctional relationship. Battle lines have been drawn in the sand with Black Lives Matter (BLM) supporters
in the streets protesting and calling for defunding the police. The police and their Blue Lives Matter (BLM)
supporters have adopted an inflexible law and order response. NYPD officers are retiring in droves; police
unions are encouraging members to curtail activities to a minimum, and police leadership is in the precarious
position of projecting support for officers and extending procedural justice to the community. Failure to address
those issues paved the road to the current volatile climate between NYPD and Minority communities.
The Literature Review and Conceptualization will be 12 to 14 pages in length. This assignment will consist of a
thorough review of the literature pertaining to the identified conflict as well as the theoretical orientation you
have chosen to conceptualize the conflict dynamic.
20 scholarly sources should be reviewed and cited in this paper. Of these, 12 articles, at minimum, should be
from recent (past ten years) peer-reviewed journals. These articles should all be directly related to the conflict or

conceptualization you have chosen.
It is essential that the conceptualization you delineate is grounded in the conflict resolution research literature.
The paper must follow current APA guidelines. The page count does not include the title page, abstract,
reference section, or any extra material.
TOPIC: Organizational Discord: NYPD Conflict in Modern Policing
Policing in the United States is experiencing turbulent times. Police corruption and misconduct are being met by
protest and violence in the streets. The New York City Police Department (NYPD), which has existed for 175
years and is considered the leading law enforcement agency globally, is under scrutiny. Relationship with
minority communities is at a boiling point. Minority communities in New York City (NYC) view themselves as
the victims of an epidemic of police misconduct. NYPD’s Modern policing strategies profile minorities and set
quotas for officers. NYPD officers use Stop Question and Frisk (SQF) to conduct unwarranted stops resulting in
illegal arrests and deadly force misuse. NYPD utilizes Compare Statistics (CompStat), a system rooted in
numbers, to fulfill its crime-fighting mission. The question of police legitimacy is at an all-time high with calls
for defunding and dismantling the NYPD. NYPD officers are experiencing internal conflict with their leadership
and external conflict from the public about crime-fighting strategies. NYPD officers are leaving the department
in high numbers, and Unions ask officers to do the minimum amount of work. The purpose of this paper is to
review the relevant literature relating to the internal and external conflicts facing the NYPD within the conflict
resolution dynamic

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