nutrition and dietetics case study

The assignments described below are designed to examine your decision-making processes in dealing with complex professional situations. Human Nutrition and Dietetics students should work only on the Dietitian’s assignment outlined below (patient case), while Public Health Nutrition students should work only on the Public Health Nutritionist’s assignment described (corporate engagement) (i.e. you should only submit an assignment for one of the scenarios described below).
Your submitted assignment should be less than 600 words and should refer to any relevant elements of your professional code of conduct which would influence your decisions or behaviour in dealing with this situation. These submissions should be uploaded to the Intro to Professional Practice, Communications and Behavioural Science module on BrightSpace. The title of the file you submit must include your class group i.e. DT223 or DT225 and your full name (e.g. “DT223 Professionalism Assignment 2020 – Joe Bloggs”). Late submissions and submissions which exceed the 600 word count limit will be penalised.

Mr. PD is a 72 year old retired factory worker who has been admitted to hospital following a stroke. He is paralysed and unable to talk (aphasic) or to communicate, and is unable to eat. According to his family, he has previously expressed a wish not to be kept alive by artificial feeding if he suffered a severe, incapacitating illness. His friend John has disputed this however, and is now asking you for details of Mr. D’s planned care, and specifically, whether you intend to tube feed him. You are keen to help Mr. D’s friend John as he is one of your father’s senior colleagues in work, so you are wondering whether you should seek the advice of your friends on FaceBook about this case, as they are often happy to offer their opinions and views.
Outline the approach which you would take as a newly qualified dietitian in managing this case, referring to all relevant points in the CORU DRB’s Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics (2019) which would guide your decision-making and behaviour in this situation.

Public Health Nutritionists
You are a newly qualified public health nutritionist and have been asked by a large multinational food company to produce a research report highlighting the benefits of their new fortified food product for a significant fee. You have very limited knowledge of the product and the patient group intended to use it, as your day to day work is in an unrelated field. You have heard some positive stories about the product in the media, but you are unsure as to whether these reports are true, or if the suggested clinical benefits of this product are supported by any research studies.
Outline the approach which you would take in this situation, referring to all relevant points in the AfN’s Standards of Ethics, Conduct and Performance (Dec 2013) which would guide your decision-making and behaviour.

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