News Analysis

Religion and technology 200% increase in pandemic
religion and law/society religious symbol ban
Is atheism a religion?
Does religion even matter today?
Splitting 5 to 4, Supreme Court Backs Religious Challenge to Cuomo’s Virus Shutdown Order
Part A For this second news analysis assignment choose one of the five news items listed above and using the
reading “What is religion” from the anthropology of religion folder in course documents compare how well two
of the ‘definitions of religion discussed by the author fit with the way religion is discussed in the news story.
One of the definitions has to be from the early period of anthropology covered in pages 1 to 8 of the reading and
one from what he calls contemporary elaborations, pages 9 to 13. 300-500 words
Part B Using information from two of the news stories listed above (it can be the same one as you considered in
part A) discuss the final section of the reading “Religion-Secular, tangled divisions,” pages 20-27. Your
discussion has to clearly identify specific issues raised in the reading and connect them to specific aspects of the
news story. Please use brief quotes and where possible, page numbers. This can involve identifying features in
the story that contradict what you take the author to be claiming, or to confirm it. You can also offer your own
interpretation of the events in the story as they related to the issues raised in the reading. 300-500 words

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