Midnight Summers Dream vs Fences with outside sources

The final paper will be due at the end of the semester and will be submitted in its own final module, #5. It should
be a well-written four to five page report and must contain a few outside sources besides the class text (use only
four credible sources, i.e. reputable online journal, books, or other periodical) to enlarge your scope of
knowledge on the subject. You have a choice of the following:
1) You have the option of developing one of the short-response papers written during the course of the semester
into a longer final paper by turning it into a research paper by including four research sources to support the
claims you have made and to broaden the discussion. You could also broaden the original thesis statement to
include an additional but related element of the work.
2) You can develop a paper from scratch by selecting two other authors that we have discussed this semester.
Select works within the same genre. Include 4 research sources.
I recommend developing one of your previously written papers since the end of the semester can get busy.
Essays should include an introductory paragraph that mentions the two authors and works you will be
discussing. It should also include a clearly worded thesis statement at the end of it. The thesis should be in the
form of a claim that you must prove in the discussion.
The body paragraphs should argue your thesis clearly and effectively by making claims and providing support
from the two selected works, as well as the research sources. Textual support is required utilizing MLA format
with page numbers in parentheses and a works cited page.
The paper is not a summary of the essays. Use transitions when switching between authors/works in your
Brief direct quotations (i.e. less than three lines) should appear in quotation marks (“ “). Long direct quotations
(i.e. longer than four lines) should appear as “block quotes.” All text of block quotes is to be indented one inch
from the left margin (with no extra indentation for the first word). Block quotes do not appear in quotation

You will provide an objective discussion; therefore, remain in 3rd person point-of-view. Refrain from using any
of the following: 1st person, “I”, “me”, “we”, “our”, “us” or the informal 2nd person, “you” or “your.”
Paper format
Submit all papers as Word documents. 12-font, Times Roman, double-spaced—paper should have a heading
(named, date, assignment number) and a title. Your own title at the top of the page should not be underlined or
inside of quotation marks. Paper should be carefully proof-read and edited

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