Managerial solutions/Proposal for: Development of a digital marketing plan for Lidl to Latvia

The managerial solutions section must present specific proposals for solving the problem tackled. Managerial
solutions must be specific and properly substantiated. The substantiation provided must be based on the results
achieved throughout the entire preparation process of the FBT and on the relevant theoretical models,
statements, etc.
a) Managerial solutions have to be based on clear theoretical or logical model(s), that correspond to the thesis
b) Goals and/or objectives should be set up for managerial solutions. The goals have to help to minimize the
problem tackled. They have to be based on situation analysis, research results, theoretical models and general
business logic. Goal have to follows SMART principles (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timeoriented).
c) Solutions have to provide particular actions or interim results that are necessary for problem solution. Plan of
actions have to be provided. Recourses (financial, human, other) have to be assessed. Recommendation, how
company should achieve the results, should be provided. Measures of success (problem reduction) should be

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