Late Medieval Italy

Late Medieval Italy
1.What spatial and illusionary devices were developed during this period in Italy? How are these examples of humanism? Find art that shows these developments to help support your answer. (Do not just list art but use it to show your points)
1a. First compare the styles of Duccio and Giotto. Second explain the crucial role of Giotto and of Duccio in the development of Italian painting.
2a. Why were classical concepts of art more appealing to artists such as Giotto than Byzantine and Italo-Byzantine artistic formulas?
1b. Discuss the rise of professional artists’ guilds and the new emphasis on individual artists.
2b. Discuss Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s engagement with secular subject matter in his frescos for Siena’s Palazzo Pubblico. How did these paintings relate to their sociopolitical context?

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