Explain when you would use a logistic regression model compared to an OLS regression model and why.

Please use SPSS to conduct the analyses for Questions #1 and #2 and interpret them as requested. Your answers for all five questions can be written into this document. You must also cut and paste all SPSS output you use as the basis for your answer. Please upload your assignment to the dropbox in D2L no later than Friday, December 4th at 11:59PM
1) Find two ratio/continuous variables from either the NES 2004 or NES 2008 datasets which you hypothesize could co-vary. Estimate a correlation between the two variables and interpret the coefficient (including the direction and magnitude of the relationship) and its statistical significance.
2) Identify a ratio/continuous variable as a dependent variable and hypothesize the impact that four different independent variables could have on this dependent variable. Then estimate an OLS regression model with all four independent variables included. Identify and explain which variables are statistically significant and which are not. Why? From there interpret the significant coefficients and the r-squared. Please be detailed in your interpretation of the coefficients.

Short Answer Questions- Please fully answer the questions in your own words to demonstrate understanding. Please DO NOT simply copy the answers from the book or the PowerPoints.
3) Explain when you would use a logistic regression model compared to an OLS regression model and why.
4) Identify and define two of the types of qualitative research methods discussed in class or in your textbook. Discuss how you would obtain qualitative data in each method and provide an example of a research topic that you could use each type of qualitative research to address.
5) In creating a research design, we mentioned two major concerns as ecological fallacies and the Hawthorne Effect. Define each of these concepts and explain how they can affect the outcome of your research.

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