Executive Summary for Comfort Systems USA

Part IV is the section of recommendations.
Format: All the parts must be typed and double-spaced using font size 12, Times New Roman,
1 inch margins on all sides, spell- and virus-checked. APA style is required. Please remember to
include page numbers.
2.2. References: You are required to provide appropriate references for all data and for all sources
of information that you use in your analyses. For any source from the ‘web’, you also need to
provide an appropriate reference as you would for any other cited reference (author, date,
etc.). You also should include the date the URL was accessed and the entire web address to
reach the cited materials. Please use the APA format. You may refer to UHV Library APA guidelines.
I just need an Executive Summary of our Capstone project completed. 1-2 pages long. I will provide a sample
project and you will fill in where it says my name Sherry Canales to fill in the executive summary portion for
Comfort Systems USA

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