Ethical Controversies

An adequate essay should include the following parts:
⚫ A brief description of the background of the issue (i.e. what
happened?) ⚫ An analysis of the moral problem(s) in this case ⚫ Your
stance (supported by reasons and arguments)
Question list – Choose TWO out of the following 4 questions

  1. In 2019, the Hong Kong Government proposed the “Smoking (Public Health)
    (Amendment) Bill 2019” in order to completely ban the sales of e-cigarette (Vape 電
    子煙) and heat-not-burn tobacco devices (加熱煙/加熱不燃燒煙). At this moment,
    the bill has not passed in the Legislative Council. Should the Hong Kong
    Government ban OR regulate the sale of the e-cigarette AND the heat-not-burn
    tobacco devices? (15%)
  2. Joseph Lam Chok (林作) is a well-known public figure, “Key Opinion Leader”
    (KOL) and insurance sales agent in Hong Kong. In 2020, he was heavily criticized
    by the public because he used the news of the death of some famous celebrities
    (e.g. Chadwick Boseman and Kobe Bryant) to sell and promote life insurance (人
    壽保險) and accident insurance (意外保險) on his Facebook. Is Joseph Lam
    Chok morally wrong in this incident? (15%)
  3. In Sep 2020, the Department of Justice (DOJ) decided not to prosecute two men
    over a case that 30 animals were thrown from a building in Hong Kong Garden,
    Sham Tseng (深井豪景花園) earlier this year. In recent years, some people
    suggested that the Hong Kong Government should follow foreign countries (e.g.
    Norway and the Netherlands) and set up a specific “Animal Cruelty Police” unit
    (動物警察). Do you agree that the Hong Kong Government should set up a
    specific “Animal Cruelty Police” unit? Why? (15%)
  4. In Oct 2020, District Councilor Lau Pui-yuk submitted a petition letter to “West
    Kowloon Centre” (西九龍中心) and asked the shopping mall to remove its
    advertisement billboards containing 6 manga drawings of scantily dressed young
    girls. Lau claimed that she received many complaints from the local parents
    because they considered those billboards as “obscene”. Is “West Kowloon
    Centre” morally wrong in this incident? (15%)
    Final Reminder:
    [For a guideline for writing (moral) philosophy essay]
    [New] 1. Oxford: Guide to Writing Philosophy Papers [New]
  5. Prof. Manuel Vargas – “How to Write (not Terrible) Philosophy Papers”
    [New] 3. 花惹法理學 – 關於哲學論文寫作的筆記 (in Chinese)
  6. “Tackling the Philosophy Essay: A Student Guide” from Faculty of Philosophy at
    the Cambridge University
  7. Professor Jim Pryor’s guidelines
  8. Professor Peter Horban’s suggestion
    [Some philosophical references]
  9. Rachels, J. and Rachels, S. (2012). The Elements of Moral Philosophy (7th ed).
  10. Michael Sandel (2010). Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do. Farrar, Straus and
    Giroux. / 桑德爾著 (2010) ,樂為良譯. 正義:一場思辨之旅. 雅言文化
  11. Pojman L. & Fieser J. (2011). Ethics: Discovering Right and Wrong. Cengage.
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