Emotional Intelligence in Healthcare – Nursing. “What are the emotional intelligence strategies (O-outcomes) that can be used by nurses (P-Population) who care for patients in critically care settings (Nursing Intervention)?”

Systematic Literature Review (10.000/15.000 words. about the subject EI in Healthcare through online
platforms/references, as well as strategies that can be placed in practice in an emergency setting by the Nurses as
a way to improve their performance/patient care and safety/patient experience.
Considering the current worldwide pandemic this is a huge mater. Consider that can be interesting to understand
how emotional well-being changes over time during the COVID-19 pandemic and to understand the long-term
impact of the pandemic on caregivers.
The project does not need approval from an ethics committee.
Adding the details regarding the guidelines for this paper and references that I collected while researching the
subject. I defined a potential research question, that I am more then welcome to accept suggestions for

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