Do violent video games encourage players to become violent in real life?

To demonstrate public speaking skills, students will present both a 5-7 minute videotaped persuasive speech in a public setting, meaning that they must present to an audience of at least two members, and a either a speech outline or manuscript in APA style using at least 4-6 scholarly sources. To deliver a successful persuasive speech, students must choose a suitable persuasive topic, develop it clearly and sufficiently with credible research, and incorporate effective visuals. A minimum of 4-6 scholarly sources must be used and cited during the speech in a manner that highlights each source’s credibility, such as “According to a 2015 report from the CDC”, as well as presented in a References page accompanying the manuscript or outline .Remember that you need to appeal both to those who already agree with you as well as those who disagree. For example, if you’re speaking in favor of gun rights, you could agree that certain weapons, like fully automatic ones, illegal today, should stay that way, and maybe even add bump stocks to show you’re open to the other side’s view

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