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The purpose of this assessment is to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your capacity to gather and assess
relevant information by grounding problem-solving in facts and analysis rather than opinions and assertions.
Proving Ground Directions
You work for a nonprofit organization that sponsors economic projects in many cities, across various industries.
The organization wants a detailed snapshot about what a future after COVID-19 will look like. As conditions for
future funding, a funder has stated that it will require (1) a summary of what the experts are predicting about
what the workplace and home life will look like and (2) what the marketplace will look like (e.g. what buyers
will want to purchase, what sellers will want to produce, potential shortages and surpluses, etc.).
The board is meeting later this week to decide how much funding you will receive based on what it learns from
your organization about the behaviors that the public will exhibit once the pandemic is over. Your supervisor, has
asked you to analyze the economic situation, assess the facts and provide her with a recommendation in writing
that addresses both parts of the funder’s conditions. She likes slides but prefers a memo from you. A helpful
intern has begun compiling a set of resources on the topic; you are free to consult other sources in addition to
these resources or as an alternative.
Deliverables: Your memo should address both (1) and (2) above and include a minimum of 250 words.
Resources (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external
site.) (Links to an external

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