Culture and me

Think of three (3) in-groups to which you belong, and answer the following questions in a five paragraph, two-page essay (12 pt. font, double spaced), using at least five (5) terms in bold within this Module.

State the groups to which you belong.
How have these groups shaped your identity?
In what ways have these groups shaped your worldview?
age – (e.g. teens, millennials, seniors)
nationality – (e.g. United States of America, Spain, Mexico, Kenya)
race/ethnicity – (e.g. Mexican-American, Jewish, African-American, Irish-American)
sexual orientation – (e.g. Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bi-sexual)
geographic region – (West, North-East, South)
disability – (e.g. dyslexia, autism, paraplegic)
religion – (Catholic, Pagan, Baptist)
power distance,
Upward mobility,

(Note to writer= A little bit about me, I am lesbians/German American. born in Abu Dhabi but only stayed there for 9 months and grew up in america, The group i tend to stand comfortable with is the dancing group in Highschool, people who were kind of the nonpopular group in highschool due to that they ever discriminated me of what i am and cause of my name (name=Rizk, Pronounce- Riz-ick) and later after Highschool i found someone who was kind of a rolemodel as a bigger brother cause i was the oldest in my family from siblings, For where he was from the Philippines and ever discourage me on my action but watch what i did and corrected me if i was wrong.) as you get the point i look forwaiqurd to your story 🙂

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