Corporate Social Responsibility 7 pages plus references

Company. Google

I have been hired as a consultant and need to make a presentation
Must provide a Corporate Social Responsibility Audit, access the current Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy and offer fact-based recommendation to improve their strategy and impact on company performance .

The CSR Presentation must include the following:

Please provide at least one page for each of the topics listed below

Introduction-compelling value proposition that is the basis for the recommendations

Assumptions: Outline the assumptions made in assessing the situation

Situation Assessment: Discuss your audit finding, and assess the effectiveness of the organizations CSR strategy and tactics (provide a SWOT analysis and outie the rationale for these assertions

Implications: Discuss the impact of the current strategy and tactics on key stakeholders and the resulting stakeholder responses

Recommendations: Outline recommendations that will improve the effectiveness of the CSR program and the impact on organization performance and stakeholder relationships

Implementation Plan communicate an action plan with owners and time frame for execution
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