Controlling tuberculosis in china

Is a presentation assignment, which will be inform of power point, is going to be 5 slides or more depending on
the information you want to put on the slides. we are divided into 4 ground in our class and they expect each one
of us to prepare our own slide on the following sub topic for the presentation
1)back ground overview of tuberculosis in China
And Vulnerable people
2)aim and objective
3)public health issues
4)organizations of healthcare in the country
5)the stakeholders, decisions making and influential factors
The above sub topic was my own topic they are expecting me to prepare my slide on
I am going to upload some documents and a text book that talk about control of tuberculosis in China that test is
what they ask is to use to answer the questions , I will also send some samples of previous assignment done by
other students, I will also send some links that we help you to have the idea
POINT TO NOTE: there is going to be a footnote in each of the slide pls because that is what I will be reading
when presenting my slide

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