Cenozoic Period Advertisement Brochure

The individual brochures should cover one aspect of your time period you want to advertise
For each era you must include aspects of the geologic events taking place as well as
what is happening with the life at the time.
No two brochures can cover the same topic or have the same activities. You must be very
specific about the activities. Let’s say that some of the activities you want to do are scuba
diving or hiking. Make sure you tell me HOW these activities are going to be different than
doing them in the present time. If you go out to eat what things will you be eating? Those are
just some examples.
The text on the brochure must be typed and the brochure must have some figures or pictures
on it. It must look like a travel brochure or flyer. Brochures should be submitted as a Word
document or in pdf format. A trifold type of brochure is preferable. Below is a list that outlines
the brochures.

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