Antwone Fisher Movie paper

  1. Present an assessment of the family highlighted in your selected film. Address the following:
    a. The family’s presenting problem/challenge
    b. Family information: names, geographic location, race and ethnicity, primary language spoken, ages, education, occupations, socioeconomic status, relationship status, special needs/health concerns of family members, cultural background, religious or spiritual background/influences
    c. Parenting practices
    d. Issues of maltreatment, if present (physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and neglect)
    e. Family structure, power dynamics (Who has control?)
    f. Communication and interaction styles
    g. Pertinent family-of-origin information (positive or negative influences from past generations)
    h. Eco systemic influences (individual, school, peers, community)
    I. External sources of stress and support (family ecomap, relationships outside immediate family, community, work friends, relatives)
    j. Significant physical or mental health conditions, medication, substance use history, involvement with criminal legal system, military service
    k. Other information (history of trauma or loss in the family, life changing events, etc.)
    l. family Challenges
    m. Family Strengths
  2. Present a formulation or theory of the presenting problem. Include with the formulation responses that discuss the following: Why is the family/client where they are today? Indicate the protective and risk factors with the case. What are the potential barriers from a macro, mezzo, and micro perspective?
  3. Identify an intervention from one of the practice approaches and theories you have learned.
  4. What are the guiding principles or critical elements of the intervention? Present a rationale for choosing this intervention. Discuss why this intervention would be effective for your client/family and the presenting problem? Provide ample data sources to support your choice.
  5. Describe how you will assess the efficacy of your intervention. What would success look like with this client/family? Support your ideas with relevant data sources.
    Specifications: 6 pages, double spaced APA 6th or 7th addition with headings for each section. Weave citations from literature throughout paper.
    This paper will be written about the child and family issues from the film Antwone Fisher

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