Aesthetic’s project

Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy which represents art, while the word “aesthetic” is derived from aisthetikos,
the Greek word for “sense of perception” (Mastin, 2008, para.1). Aesthetics is also associated with axiology, and
presents the question, “Can art convey truth?” (Mastin, 2008).
The purpose of the aesthetic project is to allow the student an opportunity to demonstrate the essence of caring
between nurse and nursed. A photo or scan of the project must be uploaded through the Discussion tab in
Canvas to be shared as a class presentation, along with your summary. A written summary of the aesthetic must
accompany the project. Both the presentation and the summary must address the criteria indicated wtih an *. You
must also submit the photo and summary to the assignment drop box.
*Describe in a one-two page written summary and present your work via Canvas to the class (a Discussion
Board has been created for you to submit your summary and photo).
Mastin, L. (2008). Aesthetics. The basics of philosophy. Retrieved from https://www.

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