Adani Case Mine Study Literature Review for Subject Cost Benefit Analysis for Project Appraisal

The Assessment 2 Task sheet attached clearly identifies what must be done and contains the criteria sheet
including very vague task description below……
In Assignment 2, you will acquire some foundations and understanding to establish the “appropriate approach”
to conduct the economic evaluation of the Project, using the concepts, theories and techniques introduce in both
the lectures and reading materials.
The concepts, theories and techniques relevant to the assessment include (but not limited to):
• Stakeholder analysis
• Project inputs and costs (both market and non-market), and the markets for inputs
• Project outputs and benefits (both market and non-market), and the markets for outputs
• Non-market valuation techniques applicable for valuing inputs and outputs of the Project
• Non-market valuation techniques applicable for valuing social and environmental impacts of the Project.
• Government incentives and regulations relevant for the Project.
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Question 1 (5 marks – recommended word limit: 350 words): identify and provide brief descriptions of all the
relevant stakeholders (those who are affected by The Project), the physical impacts of The Project to these
stakeholders, and the streams of benefits or costs (including market and non-market) that should be included in a
Social/Economic Cost Benefit Analysis of The Project.
Question 2 (5 marks – recommended word limit: 300 words): consider the market(s) for the output of The
Project (i.e. the local, national, regional or global markets for coal) and examine the dynamics of these market(s)
within the proposed length of The Project.
Question 3 (8 marks – recommended word limit: 650 words): provide a critical literature review of the four most
common non-market economic valuation techniques, describing each technique’s strengths and weaknesses, and
explain if and how these techniques have been used in similar projects (cases) in the mining industry. Equal
marks (2 marks) will be given to each of the four techniques discussed in this section.
Question 4 (12 marks – recommended word limit: 700 words):
This section comprises two parts; please respond to both.
Q4a) Using the literature review in Question 3, suggest two specific techniques which may best be applied to
value (specific) environmental and social impacts of The Project. In answering this question, you need to specify
the type of impacts and justify why these two proposed techniques are the most appropriate non-market
evaluation techniques for The Project.
Q4b) For each technique, conceptually describe how it would be applied to The Project, what data you would
need to collect, what methods of collecting data are most appropriate, and what assumptions we need to make in
extrapolating the estimate in the case of a survey on a sub-set of population being suggested. In responding to
this part, you should clearly demonstrate evidence of a wider literature review and use case studies to strengthen
your argument.
Have attached all relevant materials required for the assignment. The maximum word limit is 2000 wrds. Must
refer to the references given in the Adani_Mine_Case_Study.docx.
Thank you so much. Will be online most of the night to try help with any questions.

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