Volunteer reflection

I volunteered at the Florida Department of Health in
Miami-Dade County West Flagler Building: 2515 West Flagler Street, Miami, FL, 33135. Provided support for their organizational goals.
Completed a total of 30 hours of community service with the organization.
Assisted COVID-19 response efforts participating in community outreach and providing
information about COVID-19 to our community, while supporting the Drive-Thru and Walk-Up
operations at the ADAP Program & CHD Pharmacy. I assisted the ADAP staff greeting clients, briefly explaining new process (drive-thru/walk-up vs. inside pickups), providing client name & DOB to Front Office, giving meds to clients; obtaining signatures; distributing COVID19 flyer, and other activities as necessary.

1.Please describe what you have learned from this activity that you would not have learned through a hospital experience?

  1. How has your perspective and understanding of Community and Public Health Nursing changed?
  2. From your clinical site experiences, what are the needs you identified that are not being met for the community?
  3. How do feel you can make an impact in the future to meet these needs you have identified?

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