Twins and Personality

Throughout this course, you are asked to write two (2) short essays. The purpose of the short essays is to give you an opportunity to demonstrate and synthesize your knowledge of how psychological science may be applied to everyday problems. The essay is to be based on assigned video questions. Treat these two essay assignments as opportunities to practice writing concisely and accurately.
There are two videos related to the course content available for each week of the course. The videos are identified in the Content for a Unit as Activities. Each video has been assigned a question which should guide your essay. You may view all the videos and consider all the questions. However, the video discussion assignment requires that you submit only two essays throughout the course in the Dropbox.
The first essay is due at the end of week 6 and should address a question based on one of the videos assigned in Units 01 – 06. The second essay is due at the end of week 11 and should address a question based on one video assigned in Units 07 – 12. You may use the content of the video, the textbook, and outside materials when formulating your essay. Only outside materials need to be referenced in APA style.
The essay answer must be submitted in 11pt. font (Times New Roman is preferred). The maximum length of each essay is 500 words (excluding the title and any references). Once you have completed your essay, save your file as a Word or pdf file according to the convention FirstNameLastNameEssay#. Submit your assignment electronically to the appropriate folder in the Dropbox tool (select Dropbox from in the Tools dropdown menu). Be sure to keep a back-up copy of all of your assignments in the event that they are lost in transition.
Essays will be subjected to an electronic review for plagiarism by Turnitin software. You may submit one draft of the essay to receive feedback about the detection of plagiarism. You should label your draft as a “Essay#draft” and your final essay as “Essay#final”.
The grading rubric for the essay indicates that your essay will be assessed on three dimensions: organization; writing; critical thinking. Each essay answer will be graded out of 12 (3 criteria with 4 points per criterion). The grading rubric is as follows:

I will attach a link etc. of what the essay must me about 
Describe the Minnesota Study of Twins Raised Apart project. What was the goal and implications of the study? Are those goals and results similar to studies of adopted children? You may include studies you find on the internet that investigate these issues.

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