Topic: What Can I Do With a Major In?

While many students know what they’re going to do with their major and have solid career goals, others do not.
Those that have a career goal decided should know what else they can do with their degrees and experiences.
The purpose of this activity is to get you thinking about what you can do with your major. Do a Google search
for “What Can I Do With A Major In” and find at least two websites that have this information. You’ll likely find
them at university career center sites. Select your major, and read about the various career fields that people have
entered, as well as advanced education, salaries, and other pertinent information.
For your post: Discuss your major and what sites you found for this search. Provide the URL and name of the
site, as well as a summary of what other items the site contains. Then, describe your major and list at least 8
fields or job titles that others with your major have entered. Discuss which ones you have considered, and what
areas surprised you. Reflect upon the additional skills and education that you may need to achieve these
Then, discuss how these relate to your earlier goals and budgeting activities. Will this career field allow you to
have the lifestyle you desire? What options do you have for advancement? Does this change your mind about
your studies? What did you learn.

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