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You consume media everyday, we all do. In many ways, media also consumes us; this has never been as true as today. Gaining a better understanding of media therefore also allows us a better understanding of ourselves. There are many ways to examine media methodically and content analysis is one of these. Your research will do just that. You will be asked to study media via a content analysis. It will be up to you to choose the media. Some examples are music, movies, video games, television, theatre, ...

The topic of the content analysis will be up to you. It is recommended that you use the theme of the semester. If that is problematic, I recommend taking a look at discrimination as a potential topic that is relatively easy to study. For instance, you can compare and contrast female and male characters in The Office or in The Mandalorian. If these shows are irrelevant, please help your kindly professor out by suggesting more contemporary examples.

In essence, you will be exploring your topic (words, images, and/or role depictions) in media.

Essential Essay Information
Manuscript Format
A content analysis example


This report is worth 20% of your final grade and is to be completed individually or in a small group.

This report will be completed as a research paper, essentially an essay containing all the typical features of a research manuscript:

-Title page

-Descriptive title
-Abstract (on its own page)
-Appendices (code sheets and data notes)

The research will be qualitative and exploratory in orientation. The results will be reported on and analysed thematically (3-4 themes). Use one of the existing content analysis studies as inspiration. Choose one and read it, it will send you in the right direction. 

Welsh, Andrew; Fleming, Thomas; and Dowler, Kenneth. “Constructing Crime and Justice on
Film: Meaning and message in cinema” Contemporary Justice Review 14 (2011),
457-676. This is a long article. You can skip to the
Methodology and Findings and discussion.

Wood, Karen, Chris Patterson, Srinivasa Vittal Katikireddi & Shona Hilton. “Harms to ‘others’
from alcohol consumption in the minimum unit pricing policy debate: a qualitative content
analysis of UK newspapers (2005–12).” Addiction 109 (4) (April 2014) p. 578-584.

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