Substance Abuse Treatment

The Final Paper will allow you to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained about your chosen social problem. You will focus on communicating the information you have gathered in a clear and organized manner. This skill allows you and those you are communicating with to more readily utilize the information. It is vital that the information you write about is based on the research you have reviewed. Providing information that is grounded in peer-reviewed research strengthens the validity of the information you are covering. Ultimately, being able to effectively research a relevant topic and communicate what you have learned through that research is a necessary skill for human service workers.
• The Final Paper will be in APA format and will include a title page, abstract page, the body of your paper, and a reference page.
• The body of the Final Paper will be between 10 – 12 pages in length. This does not include the title page, abstract page or the reference page.
• Utilize information and feedback gained from the Topic Paper, Annotated Bibliography, and Working Outline to help you create your final paper. Avoid copying and pasting summaries from your Annotated Bibliography into your Final Paper.
• All required peer-reviewed articles must be used within your paper to support your discussion.
• Any information that is used from a source must be correctly cited to avoid plagiarism. Always cite your source whether you paraphrase or quote their information. When quoting, you must use quotation marks.
• Avoid discussing personal opinion or experience within your Final Paper.
• Review the Research Paper: Final Paper Sample and the Research Paper: Final Paper Grading Rubric for additional guidance.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool. The draft submission will allow you to check your paper for plagiarism through SafeAssign before submitting it for a grade in the final submission link. If you have questions about your SafeAssign report, contact your professor.

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